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Water Jetting
At some point, all drainage systems need cleaning to a degree and as part of this process water jetting can be incorporated into the cleaning solution. Scale, silt, fat and grease inevitably accumulate, reducing capacity and flow and, in some cases, cause complete blockages.

High pressure water jetting, developing pressures of up to 4,000psi, is used to strip out deposits from walls and flush out debris. It is an effective cleaning technique used in drains, sewers and pipe work systems to remove both relatively soft silt or hard solid substances, such as scale or cement.
Special cutting nozzles can be added to the jetting equipment to allow different cleaning methods. One such process is the need to cut away roots that have grown into the pipe work that are causing obstructions. These ‘root cutter’ adaptors are driven by the high pressure water supply, allowing cutting blades or teeth to rotate and cut away the root obstruction.
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